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HealthWare Inc.
P.O. Box 959
Driggs, Idaho 83422
Fax: 307-353-3001







Our Focus at HealthWare Inc.

HealthWare Inc. provides a wide array of products and services to the accounts receivables industry. Technology is a critical element in becoming and remaining competitive in the ever-changing collections market. But you just can’t throw technology at the challenges of collecting outstanding debt; you need to know how to leverage that technology to your advantage. This is what HealthWare provides to more and more collection agencies each year.

Electronic Claims made simple

HealthWare Inc. has joined with iTech Workshop to provide claim scrubbing and ANSI X12 837 electronic claims. The expEDIum Electonic Claim Scrubber (eCS) software tool will work directly with HealthWare's ClaimWare Insurance Follow-up product. This will enable you to produce clean electronic claims in the HIPAA standard transaction set. It is simple and easy to use.
A great way to reduce you claims costs.

The expEDIum eCS is a desktop application that home based billers, small billing agencies and collection agencies can use to enter, manage, scrub and validate claim data using an open database. This tool creates HIPAA compatible EDI claims from CMS-1500, UB04 form based data. In addition, it allows validation and scrubbing of the claim data using the proprietary expEDIum validation engine and creation of complete error free payer ready claims. It is a single user, desktop tool.